3 plumbers rescue man who fell into creek

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BETHEL PARK, Pennsylvania (KDKA– Three plumbers rescued a man after falling into a creek next to a T stop in Bethel Park.

John Oakes’ owns All Pro Plumbing, which is located near the T stop on Logan Road. On Thursday morning, Oakes was preparing for a normal working day, until he saw something strange outside his office window.

“I was actually reading blueprints in my office looking at a job we were going to do. I looked out the window and saw a resident in the creek who just saw the top of his head, ”Oakes said. “I screamed and I said, ‘Let’s go down there’,” he said.

Oakes and two of his employees, Jon Stapas and Clint Borgen, took action.

“My response was hey, let’s get this guy out of here,” said Stapas, a supervisor at All Pro Plumbing. “We went out the door, ran over and jumped over the railing. Me and Clint grabbed him. “

Stapas and Borgen held the man, who did not really react. They said the creek was quite high, and they didn’t want the man to be washed away by the creek.

Oakes ran in to get a ladder and they pulled the man to safety. The man told them he had diabetes and was driving the T to work.

The men called 911 and waited for the police and ambulance to arrive.

“It’s just one of those things that you never know is going to happen, and you just have to respond and make sure you have the best for everyone,” said Borgen.

The bizarre day quickly turned the three plumbers into heroes.

“Not a hero, I think anyone who would have seen that would have run out and done the same,” said Oakes.

“I just did a good deed. If I was in danger, I wish someone would help me like I would help someone else out there, ”said Stapas.

“It feels great to help someone and make sure everything is okay,” said Borgen.

Bethel Park police said the man had been taken to St. Clair Hospital. A family member said he is still in the hospital and is expected to be fine. They said he had a diabetes problem when he fell into the creek.

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