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Whatever the reason for your bathroom remodel, you need to prepare for success by preparing for what could easily become a major financial commitment.

Find out if your bathroom renovation is worth the investment and read our top 5 tips to avoid expensive renovations before you start your project.

Is it worth it?

Well, this depends on the purpose of your bathroom renovation. If it’s all personal and you want to upgrade your existing bathroom, it could be worth it.

When it comes to adding resale value to your home, you may want to consider some numbers first.


Some of the costs you can expect in a typical bathroom remodel can range from hacking, masonry, carpentry, electricity, materials, and plumbing.

Your primary interest is return on investment (ROI) if you want to renovate your bathroom before selling your home.

It is important to know that the average return on bathroom renovation projects is around 70 percent. This isn’t the lowest ROI, but it can become an expensive endeavor.

You may be able to answer the question better – is it worth it – if you can cut the cost of your bathroom remodel while benefiting from the ROI.

1. Research bathroom styles and materials and know your numbers


It can be overwhelming to choose between the many different styles and materials available.

However, make sure to consider the average cost associated with the different styles and materials most commonly used in Singapore bathrooms before deciding.


Use the above figures to give yourself a baseball range and visit different vendors and suppliers for quotes.

Having a style and the types of materials in mind before speaking to a designer will make the first visit go smoother and set the tone during the renovation process.

2. Set your priorities before meeting a designer


Another tip before meeting with a designer is to have a clear ranking of which features are most important to your new bathroom.

Your priorities can always change, but a little extra preparation will speed up the design process.


Knowing what’s out of focus will help you and your designer know where to cut costs and spend money on your new design.

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to compromise, there are renovation loans available.

However, knowing that upgrading your toilet and bathtub is a priority can help you find the right design to match your existing tile or light fixtures, saving you money.

Ultimately, your renovation priorities greatly affect whether your bathroom remodel was worthwhile and cost-effective.

Keep your plumbing where it is


A great cost-cutting tactic is to keep your plumbing in place. Major structural changes, especially with regard to your plumbing, can quickly increase your overall bathroom renovation budget.

The table above shows some typical costs to consider when moving the plumbing in a bathroom. Relocating your plumbing is not to be confused with replacing your plumbing.

As pipes get old, the renovation project is an excellent opportunity to replace some old pipes.

Find out what materials you can use


It is also the designer’s job to recommend materials to you.

If the designer is worth their weight, they will make solid recommendations and include cost-effective options. That said, it’s good practice to do some research.

Consultation with a designer does not typically include purchasing raw materials such as granite or second-hand fixtures for sinks, faucets and lights.

Taking this into your own hands can ultimately save you money per square foot. Check out some Singapore real estate sales to find hidden treasures like vintage bathroom furniture and more.

5. Renovation versus renovation


Maybe you are looking for a change but you are not sure how extensive a renovation project you want to tackle. In this case, consider refreshing some of the features of your bathroom instead of completely renovating it.


For example, it is understandably challenging to look at old worn out tiles.

Rather than replacing them, refinishing them can bring back their classic look without hurting your wallet.

Similar to the washbasin or bathroom furniture. Refinishing the countertops and paint on the sink and vanity is significantly cheaper than replacing them.

If you’re looking for a replacement, replacing the facets can transform the way you handle and enjoy your existing sink or bathtub.

As a homeowner, you will exercise control over your bathroom renovation project and will be surprised by the potential cost savings.

This article was first published in ValueChampion.

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