Again, National Assembly flooded as complex roofs continue to leak

For the second time in a month, the National Assembly is dealing with flooding caused by leaks from the roofs of the complex.

The hardest hit areas were the central lobby in the White House portion of the complex, which is adjacent to the Senate and House of Representatives chambers, the Senate Press Center and the frontage of the United Bank of Africa, UBA.

The last time several parts of the complex were flooded from the leaking roofs was on Tuesday, June 22, when senators resumed from a week-long recess.

Like the previous one, many employees, journalists and visitors watched helplessly as cleaners from the two companies enlisted by the National Assembly had hectic time checking and cleaning the water.

It should be recalled that in the 2020 budget, the Parliament leadership had proposed ND 37 billion for the renovation of the complex, which sparked public outcry, but in the end the Presidency reduced the budget to N9.2 billion.

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The N37 billion proposal was made through the Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA, which owns the complex, built about 27 years ago, but no significant renovation had been carried out around the building due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FCDA authorities had informed the public in a press statement after the latest spill that the total rehabilitation and upgrading of the National Assembly complex was in the pipeline.

The statement signed by the Head, Public Relations and Information, FCDA, Richard Nduul reads: “The attention of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) has been drawn to the recent flooding of the lobby of the National Assembly Complex, Abuja due to leakages from the roof. Our findings indicate that the leaks can be traced back to blockages in sewers that lead to water seeping through expansion joints in the roof slab.

“Completely waterproofing the roof of the White House building is an important aspect of the proposed renovation of the National Assembly Complex.

“The National Assembly management approached the FCDA in 2019 for a total rehabilitation and upgrade of the NASS complex to bring it into line with parliamentary buildings around the world.

“This contract is currently undergoing a tendering procedure in accordance with the Procurement Act of 2007 and will therefore be awarded once concluded in accordance with the requirements of the Act and also taking into account all other relevant parameters.

“The Authority (FCDA) therefore assures that when the time comes, this project will be executed scrupulously to ensure that the nation gets value for the funds that will be spent, as this has been the tradition in every other commission the authority has undertaken.”

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