Alamance-Burlington School System locks in $83 million in bond projects

With $ 150 million in education bond funds available now and the summer construction season approaching, the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education signs contracts and $ 83 million starts on its largest and most expensive projects.

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New high school

  • $ 58,133,184: Maximum Price Guaranteed (GMP)
  • GMP, the school system is building the new school with a construction manager at risk, Samet Corporation, who sets a maximum price before construction begins
  • $ 7.7 million for structural steel, which is almost double previous estimates
  • $ 1.3 million to build career technical education (CTE), which used to be called vocational education, paid from capital reserve funds rather than bond funds due to steel cost overruns
  • $ 67 million estimated total cost, including design costs and $ 2.2 million land costs
  • May 2021 start
  • Completion July 2023

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Southern Alamance High School renovations

  • $ 17,887,779 GMP
  • Added 27,525 square feet
  • Replace two buildings with a two-story classroom
  • Add six classrooms, five labs, resource rooms and cafeteria extension
  • Renovate walkway canopies, obsolete floors, roofing, walkway, mechanical systems, windows, plumbing
  • Remove lockers that are no longer in use
  • Upgrade HVAC humidity controls, security cameras and locks
  • $ 701,214 – potential cost of the campus security wall, currently being relisted
  • May 2021 start
  • Completion June 2023

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Western Alamance High School renovations

  • $ 7,077,000 contract with HM Kern Corporation
  • $ 3.4 million less than originally estimated
  • Added 7618 square feet, including six classrooms, CTE lab, bathrooms, resource rooms
  • Renovation of auditorium seats, walkway canopies, outdated floors, roofing, walkway, mechanical systems, windows, plumbing
  • Remove lockers, asbestos tiles
  • Scheduled completion in March 2023

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