Arcadia acquires iSolar to expand community solar subscription services

Credit: Standard Solar

Arcadia announced the acquisition of iSolar, a direct sales channel for community solar subscriptions. The acquisition brings together iSolar’s extensive sales network and Arcadia’s portfolio of residential and commercial energy demand.

Arcadia’s technology has helped remove barriers to solar in the community, such as credit score requirements or ‘lock-in’ contracts to ensure equal access for all customers, including in communities with predominantly low-to-low households. average income. Now, with iSolar’s proven success in raising awareness and engaging these communities, Arcadia will be able to accelerate these consumers’ participation in community solar, providing them with guaranteed savings and a cleaner local power supply. The acquisition also adds direct sales to Arcadia’s advanced in-house customer acquisition capabilities, giving Arcadia’s solar partners even more confidence in developing new projects and ensuring the demand for cheaper, cleaner energy drives the expansion of community solar investment and policies. continues to boost energy.

“The biggest obstacle to widespread adoption of solar in the community is awareness, especially among communities that have the most to gain from lower energy costs and a cleaner environment,” said Kiran Bhatraju, founder and CEO of Arcadia. “Together, iSolar and Arcadia will help solve that by raising awareness and introducing an even wider audience to the benefits of solar in the community, regardless of income, credit rating or home type – all supporting our mission to provide access to affordable, clean energy for all.”

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