Array Technologies partners with Nucor for steel production of solar tracker components

Nucor has entered into an agreement with Array Technologies to manufacture certain components of its solar tracking system, and to support the co-development of future components for Array’s next generation products.

“As the largest steel recycler in the US, Nucor is an ideal partner for Array. Nucor’s longstanding commitment to recycling, as well as their effort to get some of the energy they use in their manufacturing process from renewable sources, is consistent with Array’s corporate mission statement and values. As Array invests in innovation and develops technologies that shorten installation time and lower energy costs for our customers, we are proud to say that our products will be made from sustainably sourced materials, ”said Jim Fusaro, Chief Executive Officer of Array Technologies.

Under the agreement, Nucor will supply Array with torsion tubes and rolled steel for Array’s production of clamps, foundations and brackets and other components.

Nucor annually processes about 20 million tons of scrap metal to produce new steel that is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. The company is also making the steel manufacturing process cleaner by investing in solar and other renewable energy sources.

“We are honored to partner with the leading tracker company in the US, and we are excited about the role we can play in providing the sustainable steel needed for the energy transition,” said Dave Sumoski, Chief Operating Officer of Nucor Corporation. “Both Nucor and Array recognize that the transition to a clean energy future begins at home, and we are honored to be both a supplier and customer to the US solar industry.”

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