Barley helps with plumbing emergency

Editor’s Note: The Barley MacTavish Fund accepts letters from Midland County residents about themselves or other people explaining why they need help and what they have tried to do about their problems. Write to Barley, provide the Midland Area Community Foundation, 76 Ashman Circle, Midland, MI 48640 or call 989-839-9661. Make sure to provide a phone number and email address during the day.

Names of applicants are never published.

There is no real Barley MacTavish. This fund was established by an anonymous donor and continues with private financial support, plus donations from local residents throughout the year and the holidays. The project is undertaken to make Midland a little bit better for living. Letters to Barley are not from actual applicants, but represent typical requests.

Dear barley,

I have contacted a number of churches to help me, but they are unable to help for a number of reasons. My neighbor suggested that I write to you with my request. I am a single woman and handicapped. I live on a steady income. All my relatives have passed away so I have no family to count on.

My main concern is with my borehole pump. The bladder tank went badly and the pump kept running. I was told a leaking toilet and the water heater contributed to this problem. I have included in my letter an estimate from a local repair service. I don’t have that much money to fix it.

I know this is a problem that I cannot ignore. But my budget is already very tight. I know you are doing a lot to help so many people in our community. I never thought I’d ask you for money. Thank you for reading my letter.

Best friend,

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