Basildon workers steal £12k from bosses by selling part

THREE workers who stole more than £12,000 from their bosses by selling items and pocketing the money have escaped jail.

The court heard the men, who worked for Connect Plumbing and Heating Supplies in Basildon, agree to sell boilers and parts and split the £12,489 among them.

Scott Spencer, 31, of Great Knightleys, Basildon, James Challis, 33, of Seaview Road, Canvey and Thomas Aungier, 28, of Eastern Esplanade, Canvey avoided jail at Basildon Crown Court yesterday.

To soothe Spencer, Brad Lewis said the crime happened after the death of his child.

He said: “This is a result of debts he incurred as a result of reckless spending after the death of his child. It was overwhelming for him and it also led to depression and he has been on medication and counseling.”

Jollyon Robinson continued: “In September 2018, the company president, Marc Glass, reported to police that an employee was releasing goods for cash and kept the money for himself.

“An investigation was launched and CCTV showed that the three men released goods to customers and took the money, but it was not in the tills.

“Aungier was arrested and he denied it, but when police searched his phone, they found messages between the men about selling the items and sharing the money.”

Soothing Challis, Lucy Sweetland said, “His job wasn’t a manager, he was a sales consultant, and he didn’t have any login credentials for the registers.

“He has no previous convictions and this was almost three years ago. He went on to run a business but was unable to work due to an injury to his leg and back.”

Soothing Aungier, Adekunle Tijani told the court: “He was going through a difficult time at the time that he inflicted on himself and was addicted to cannabis, gambling and alcohol.”

Challis was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment with 18 months’ suspension and was sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid work and the payment of £2,000 in damages.

Spencer was sentenced to one year in prison with a suspended 18-month sentence and ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £4,000 in damages.

At the hearing, Aungier was sentenced to 16 months in prison with a two-year suspension, 300 hours of unpaid work and £6,000 in damages.

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