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What’s worse than the toilet paper shortage in 2020? Let your AC turn off when it’s 104 degrees outside and you can’t get it repaired because there are no parts available to do the repair.

At least toilet paper is on the shelves again, but air conditioning and plumbing are a different story. We are scrambling daily to find AC and plumbing parts to do common homeowner repairs. Our suppliers tell us that manufacturers have been re-ordering parts and equipment for months.

Predictions are that by the time summer is in full swing and demand is at its peak, AC equipment will be in short supply.

Last summer, we were lucky enough to work with multiple suppliers and put together systems to meet demand, despite the fact that the factories were closed due to COVID.

This summer looks different. The automotive industry has shut down production due to a lack of microchips essential for vehicle production. The AC and plumbing industries face the same kind of challenges. We also face shortages of copper, steel and PVC, along with rising prices.

What now? If you had plans to replace your water heater or AC system in the next year, you may want to be proactive before the shortage and price increases hit. Many dealers like us have bought inventory to weather the storm, as it were. May is a perfect month to get a new system before the rush starts.

I’m not suggesting you run out and buy a new AC system or water heater, but it is a good idea to have your existing systems checked and find out what your options are before there are no options other than hanging out in the sweltering heat with lots of toilet paper.

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