Bids for Monroe Courthouse expansion total $50M – Times News Online

Published May 6, 2021 7:42 AM

The Monroe County Courthouse expansion is getting even closer to the start date of construction.

On Wednesday, the Monroe County Commissioners announced bids for the $ 50 million project.

In the general construction category, Lobar Inc. the lowest bid at $ 24,708,000, followed by Quandel Construction Group Inc. with $ 27,900 and LR Costanzo Co. Inc. with $ 35,554,000.

For the heating and air conditioning section, Marx Sheet Metal and Mechanical Inc. made an offer of $ 8,767,000. Other bidders were Wind Gap Electric Inc. – $ 9,179,310; Electrical Urban Electrical Contractors Inc., $ 9,623,000, Everon Electrical Contractors Inc., $ 11,397,890, and MDS HVAC-R Inc. for $ 11,799,600.

One offer was made for plumbing from LTS Plumbing & Heating Inc. for $ 3,637,780.

Otis Elevator Company has made an offer of $ 1,831,964 for elevator service.

Contracts will be awarded to Lobar Inc., LTS Plumbing & Heating Inc., Marx Sheet Metal and Mechanical Inc., Wind Gap Electric Inc. and Otis Elevator Company.

The total amount of all bids awarded is: $ 50,686,223.

Built in 1890, the building served the county’s needs until 1934, when an identical-sized addition was added.

Now 51 years since the addition of the Court House Annex, the Monore County Commissioners and the staff who work at the Courthouse are looking forward to a workspace that is not full and is being updated.

The three-story, 66,000-square-foot structure will include new courtrooms, new court rooms, and a lower level dedicated to secure parking for judges, inmates locked up, and vehicle access, as well as sheriff’s security operations. A major improvement over the many that will occur is that the existing sunken plaza will be redesigned to create a new, more easily accessible and usable public square.

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