Busy time for homeowners, roofing companies as storm cleanup continues

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – State Farm insurance company said they have reached a certain number of claims reaching the catastrophe threshold after severe storms.

Crews are quiet working to recover power for thousands in urban area and Omaha residents continue to clean up their neighborhoods after strong winds and rain swept through the area Friday night.

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As residents’ cleanups continue, many have realized the damage could be more expensive than they anticipated. For some, it’s major damage like a tree falling through their roof. Others lost power and had to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of frozen foods in the freezer.

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“Phones are definitely busy. Lots of trees on cars, roofs, fences, I’m just trying to teach people how to do temporary repairs on your roof or your car. Get those tree branches down to prevent further damage. We had that rainstorm follows so clearly that we want to fix up those houses,” said State Farm agent Kyle Iske.

Iske added that it has been a few years since the Omaha area was hit by a storm to this extent. He was referring to a hail storm in 2017 that had sustained significant damage.

The hurricane-level winds took their toll on the tops of many houses with clapboards that had come loose or had been knocked off the roof completely. Trees also attacked houses.

It is a busy time for both homeowners and roofing companies.

Weekend storms damaged hundreds of buildings and homes in Omaha, leaving thousands without power and debris.

The damage included blown off roofing, windows and siding as 96 mph blew through the area.

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On top of the wind, trees fell into people’s homes, possibly causing more than just external damage.

Jack Harm, General Manager at Titan Exterior said their phones are busy with people who need help.

“The process we now tell customers is ‘call us’. We can come out and do a storm assessment. We will assess the damage. If we need to dry in the roof or wall or if there are holes, we will take care of it.” make sure it dries inside and make sure everyone is safe and then we guide everyone through the insurance process,” says Harm.

Harm reminds people to be patient, as many people deal with similar damages, and have a roofer come and have a look before proceeding with insurance.

He said this helps determine exactly what needs to be done to your roof.

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