Cheyenne resident becomes first in state to install Tesla solar panel roofing

CHEYENNE, Wyo (Wyoming News Now) – For a Cheyenne resident and his wife, they’ve wanted solar power since they owned their home. In January, the homeowner, Chris, who wanted to be identified by his first name only, was told his roof needed to be replaced.

He said the insurance would cover the cost of an asphalt roof, but with the federal tax credit coming into play, the cost became low enough to consider. Last week it all became reality when WyCo wind and solar energy and Weddle and Sons roofing completed the project. According to WyCo, this is the first project of its kind Wyoming has ever seen.

“It is exciting. We’ve done another powerwall job with 10 powerwalls, so we’ve been a bit involved with Tesla and it’s really exciting to be on the cutting edge as Tesla is,” said WyCo Operations Director, Joel Helleso.

For Chris, he said they wanted to move to solar to be energy independent and help reduce their impact on climate change. He said it’s pretty cool to be the first in the state to have this roof, but he played no part in why they installed it.

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