Climate First Bank now offering residential and commercial solar energy loans

Consistent with its core mission to reverse the global climate crisis, the values-based community bank, Climate First Bank has unveiled its solar loan programs with a special focus on residential and commercial use.

Climate First Bank’s solar loan programs are competitive and transparent with minimal closing costs. The residential solar loan program offers three financing levels starting at an APR** rate of 4.08% for 12 years. The commercial solar loan program offers flexible term and structure as Climate First Bank understands that financing is unique to the needs of each business. Enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, the bank also offers companies an accelerated approval process.

“Climate First Bank is committed to helping residents and businesses transition to sustainable solar energy. With transparent and easy-to-understand financing, we make the investment simple, hassle-free and financially sound,” said Valarie Nussbaum-Harris, executive VP, Tampa Bay Market Executive and government guarantee. As a skilled credit professional, Nussbaum-Harris has applied her expertise to develop the loan products.

“There’s no snag, no unexpected setup costs, no bait and switch — Climate First Bank offers one of the most competitive programs in the country,” said Ken LaRoe, founder and CEO of Climate First Bank. LaRoe has extensive experience with solar specialty loan options and ran a prototype of the programs at his previous bank, First GREEN Bank, before it was sold.

The solar loan programs align with Climate First Bank’s mission to achieve “Drawdown,” or reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Climate First Bank adheres to a high standard of sustainability and is committed to promoting carbon neutrality from day one.

**Annual percentage (“APR”) is valid from June 17, 2021. Loan subject to credit approval. APR, number and amount of payments are based on an example loan amount of $30,000 for the stated loan term: 12-year term – 4 grace payments followed by 14o payments of $268.40; Term of 15 years – 4 interest-only payments followed by 176 payments of $239.36;
Term of 20 years – 4 interest payments followed by 236 payments of $198.67.

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