Deer Park Roofing gives Avondale homeowner new roof and gutters — with more improvements to come

CINCINNATI — Naima Jackson is one big step closer to preserving her family’s legacy for generations to come.

WCPO first reported on Jackson in February as she struggled to find a way to make repairs to her family home at Alaska Court in Avondale.

Jackson’s great-grandparents bought the house 53 years ago and became one of the first black homeowners on the street. Jackson inherited her father’s house. The house has been paid off for over 20 years. But Jackson’s monthly Social Security checks aren’t enough to cover the repair costs needed to keep the house livable. She unsuccessfully sought help from local non-profit organizations and unsuccessfully tried to get a second mortgage or a mortgage.

“This family home is everything,” Jackson said at the time. “I’m trying to save a legacy.”

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In response to that story, WCPO 9 readers and viewers came to the rescue. In May, Deer Park Roofing installed a new roof and gutters on Jackson’s home. Owens Corning donated the shingles and Deer Park provided the labor and other materials as the company’s charitable project for the National Roofers Association National Roofing Week.

A team from Deer Park Roofing is working to install a new roof on Naima Jackson's home on May 24, 2021. Ladders will be extended to allow crews to access two levels of roofing, and materials will be stacked in Jackson's front yard.

Lucy May | WCPO

A team from Deer Park Roofing is working to install a new roof on Naima Jackson’s home on May 24, 2021.

Roofers removed three old roofs from Jackson’s home and replaced some rotting wood before installing the new roof on May 24 and new gutters the next day, said David Noe, Deer Park Roofing’s director of human resources.

“With the clapboards, with the gutters and with the bad wood and everything, you’re probably talking $12,000,” Noe said of the project’s value. “This roof will probably last 20 to 25 years.”

Jackson stood outside her home while the Deer Park crew was at work and said she was excited to see the work in progress.

“Today begins the beginning of, you know, the rest of my time here at home,” she said, “until the other renovations that will be done soon.”

Those other renovations included extensive work on the house to replace the heating system, waterproof the basement and adapt the house to accommodate more members of Jackson’s family.

‘Great speed’

Rich and Amy Goodman lead that work.

Rich Goodman is a project manager at NorthPoint Development and Amy Goodman is a local real estate agent and fair housing officer. They met Jackson in February and made a plan to complete the interior work.

Rich Goodman, left, and his wife, Amy, watch a Deer Park Roofing crew install a new roof on May 24, 2021.

Scott Wegener | WCPO

Rich Goodman, left, and his wife, Amy, watch a Deer Park Roofing crew install a new roof on May 24, 2021.

Sure Mechanical, a local mechanical contractor, volunteered to take care of the home’s HVAC system and plumbing. Rich Goodman said other local businesses are also willing to help with labor and supplies.

He and his wife have a new one GoFundMe campaign to raise $40,000 to pay for work that donated labor and materials cannot cover. That’s next to an initial GoFundMe campaign launched by Tracey McCullough which has raised over $6,500. The Goodmans want Jackson to keep the money raised in the first GoFundMe for ongoing home maintenance and future repairs.

Goodmans’ GoFundMe had raised $4,450 for the $40,000 goal on June 2.

“We have great momentum right out of the gate,” said Rich Goodman. “I am very optimistic.”

Goodman said he hopes to begin renovation and repair of the interior in July, adding that he and his wife are excited to be involved in the effort.

This photo shows water damage in Naima Jackson's home.

Thanks to Naima Jackson

This photo shows water damage in Naima Jackson’s home.

“I am a very family oriented man,” he said. “A family not only tries to preserve their home, but also to keep it long enough to pass it on to new generations of their family. So I wanted to be a part of that.”

Jackson said she waited a long time before deciding to tell her story publicly in the hopes it would draw attention to the issues homeowners may face.

“This house has never had a second mortgage or equity, and we didn’t qualify, unfortunately,” she said. “I wasn’t angry, but I was angry because it was collateral that I had to be able to use to get the house upgrade. But it didn’t go as planned.”

Jackson said she is grateful that so many people are stepping forward to help.

“I’m just excited,” she said. “It’s a gift of prepay that I never thought I’d receive.”

This photo taken by Deer Park Roofing shows the new roof on Naima Jackson's home after it was completed.

Thanks to Deer Park Roofing Roof

This photo taken by Deer Park Roofing shows the new roof on Naima Jackson’s home after it was completed.

Goodmans’ new GoFundMe campaign accepts donations. Click here For more information.

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