Design with dark, dramatic Emser Tile

While light grays and neutrals remain popular, there is a renewed interest in contrast: adding dark elements, large or small, to the design of a room adds a timeless air of elegance. Emser Tile has new additions to achieve that look: Brique Charcoal, Kumito Black Chevron, and Passion Nero.

A mix of moody and light tones has the same sophisticated vibe that marble with deep, dark veins creates – it’s critical that a balance is struck so that the overall effect isn’t overbearing or claustrophobic. When done right, dark, dramatic rooms in the home can make a powerful statement.

The details

Charcoal brick

Brique is a stylish design that mimics the look of natural stone, one of the world’s oldest building materials. Inspired by the modern industrial and authentic materials trends, Brique adds visual texture and dimension to any space with its durable glazed porcelain construction that can be applied to both floors and walls. It is now available in five neutral shades.

Kumito black chevron

Kumito is a timeless ceramic chevron mosaic tile that is available in two different colors. The classic choice for both traditional and contemporary design schemes, Kumito offers a simple and clean look with a matte finish. This chevron mosaic is the perfect accent on any wall.

Passion Nero

Passion is a great alternative to traditional subway tile with its artisanal visual appeal that adds movement and interest to a space. This beautiful glazed porcelain tile is totally on trend with its handmade look and its impressive color variation. It has a V4 color variation rating. Therefore, we recommend viewing several tiles together to see the true beauty of this unique design.

the look

While deep tones like these are bold, the looks can be downright amazing. To consider:

  • Black and other deep, rich tones add modern drama and sophistication to kitchens, bathrooms and more, while creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.
  • Dark charcoal, espresso and ebony palettes add glamour, luxury and depth to the space.
  • Matte black kitchens and bathtubs go particularly well with a variety of wood tones and other colors.
  • These dark hues become luxurious and inviting when coordinated with textured wood cabinets, rich metal hardware (cabinet pullers and plumbing), appliances, and dramatic tile shapes and sizes in a variety of finishes.

In addition, joint combinations can give a truly unique look to floors and walls when working with a dark and dramatic color palette. Depending on the statement one is trying to achieve, a darker grout such as black or charcoal will add less contrast to the tile surface and thereby create a softer, more understated look. However, a lighter grout, such as white or light gray, combined with dark colored tiles will make the pattern stand out by adding greater interest to the space.

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