Dutchess wants to spend $1 million for building HVAC upgrades

POUGHKEEPSIE – Members of the public works committee of the Dutchess County Legislature were briefed on an upcoming proposal to ask for $ 995,000 in bonds to pay for HVAC work in several county buildings. DPW commissioner Rob Balkind gave an overview of the projects on Thursday evening.

According to Balkind, the nearly $ 1 million in work includes $ 350,000 for the modernization of the HVAC system at 50 Market Street, which houses the Department of Recation and the Dutchess County Family Court. The work in the Poughkeepsie building is looking specifically at ventilation and conditioning of the air, which has become a major problem as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a memo from Balkind to Deputy County Executive Bill O’Neil, Balkind said, “New equipment will increase energy efficiency and reduce system outages that could disrupt the county’s construction operations and services to the public.”

In addition to the Family Court building, the plan includes converting the DPW Maintenance Shop on Dutchess Turnpike from oil heat to natural gas, including removing the bulk petroleum storage tank. That project is estimated to cost $ 170,000. Balkind’s plan also includes the conversion of oil heat to natural gas at four DPW outposts in the province for a total of $ 260,000.

The boiler of the Community and Family Services building at 60 Market Street will be replaced. The estimated cost is $ 100,000, according to Balkind. The commissioner said the work included in this bond resolution is not the result of an overall assessment, but rather is the result of observations made by DPW employees during the day-to-day operation of the facilities.

The Legislature’s Public Works Commission will vote on the bond request at their May meeting. If approved, it will be voted on by the full legislature at its regularly scheduled meeting in May.

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