Eaton and Enel X partner on new Puerto Rico microgrid

Energy management company Eaton and Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, have announced plans for a second joint microgrid project in Puerto Rico. The projects will reduce demand for regional energy infrastructure, enable Eaton to power production with more renewable energy sources and increase the energy resilience of its operations.

The solar + storage microgrid at the Eaton Las Piedras production facility will be close to 5 MW. integrateAC of solar photovoltaics and approximately 1.1 MW/2.2 MWh of battery storage in the facility’s onsite power generation systems. The project is the second microgrid at an Eaton production site on the island. Together with the microgrid system at the Eaton Arecibo site, Eaton and Enel X will provide 10 MW . pitch inAC of solar PV and 2.23 MW / 4.46 MWh battery storage in Puerto Rico by 2022.

Under the terms of the agreement, Enel X will build, own and operate the system on behalf of Eaton. In addition, Enel X will fund the project under an energy-as-a-service model, shifting Eaton’s investment in the microgrid system from capital costs to operational costs. Eaton will provide installation expertise and key technologies for the microgrid system, including the plant’s microgrid controller and electrical distribution equipment.

In addition to increasing the facility’s resilience, the solar and storage system enables Eaton to generate, store and consume renewable energy, as well as support the local grid by discharging renewable energy back into the grid. emissions are reduced by limiting the need for carbon-intensive electricity during peak times.

The microgrid systems at the Las Piedras and Arecibo plants are designed to withstand hurricane code in Puerto Rico and withstand Category 5 hurricane-force deployments. Like all Enel X storage deployments, the microgrid will leverage Enel X’s Distributed Energy Resources ( DER) Optimization software and its unique capabilities to maximize project value across multiple applications, including on bill savings, incentive programs, and network services.

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