Ecore Athletic remodels ASU fitness center

Ecore AthleticTempe, Ariz.—Ecore Athletic contributed to the renovation of Arizona State University’s (ASU) 234,000-square-foot student fitness center. The goal was to help transform the fitness center into a space that promotes health, wellness, engagement and community for students and staff, the company said.

“We were not happy with the previous floor installed in our weight rooms, which consists of barbells, free weights and lifting platforms,” said Dustin Soderman, associate director for facilities and operations at ASU. “The floor was too slippery and not grippy and our weight machines would go everywhere. Also, the product didn’t dampen the sound very well.”

Looking for a more advanced flooring solution, Soderman and his team researched optimal athletic floor surfaces and contacted Advanced Exercise, a provider of fitness equipment and facilities resources.

“We wanted a long-life flooring product that was easy to maintain, had strong traction and the ability to withstand a fair amount of punishment when weights fell on it,” added Soderman.

The Advanced Exercise team recommended installing Ecore Athletic floors for the ASU fitness center. Ecore Athletic offers a wide variety of campus recreational flooring solutions, each designed to provide safety, ergonomic and acoustic benefits, the company said. Ecore Athletic floors are also designed to support joints, reduce impact and return positive energy to the body and are ideal for multi-purpose campus buildings, the company added.

In collaboration with Soderman, Advanced Exercise specified two products from the performance collection of Ecore products: Performance Rally and Performance Beast Plus.

  • Performance Rally: Tailored for heavy conditioning, Performance Rally is a 14.5mm vulcanized rubber (VCR) product. Using the patented itsTRU technology, a 2.5mm VCR wear layer is fusion bonded to a 12mm shock absorbing VCR baselayer to achieve a 35.4% dynamic force reduction. The dual durometer system is designed to absorb the impact force associated with aggressive functional training, providing an ergonomically advanced surface that works in tandem with the body.
  • Performance Beast Plus: Performance Beast Plus is designed for strength, power and functional training applications. The 14.5mm performance floor features a 2.5mm VCR surface fused to a 12mm VCR base layer using TRU technology. The result is a floor designed to withstand extreme weight impacts while minimizing bar bounce.

According to Ecore, the patented itsTRU technology is a manufacturing process that starts with VCR rubber that is disposed of from landfills and incineration, and is upcycled using a pressurized process that bonds the VCR to any floor surface. The technology is designed to develop and capture energy so that floor surfaces can absorb force and return usable energy to people.

“The resilience of Ecore floors is excellent and it’s really great with noise reduction and acoustics too,” Soderman said. “The fitness center is so large that it is important to reduce noise pollution as much as possible.”

Soderman added that he is a fan of the customization options Ecore offers. “We liked that we could adapt the floor to incorporate our school logo and colors into the design. Ecore floors offer customizable options, such as logos, colors or even inlaid turf graphics, so we’ve transformed our student recreation floors into a space that really showcases our school spirit.”

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