EnergySage partners with Intuit to educate businesses on solar options

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EnergySage has announced its partnership with Intuit, the global technology platform that makes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint and Credit Karma a founding member of the Intuit Climate Action Marketplace. The platform provides climate-friendly solutions for small businesses and is a driving force behind Intuit’s commitment to help one million US small businesses reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, as well as align small businesses with the United Nations’ Race to Zero promise. Intuit is announcing this commitment today at the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Intuit is launching the Intuit Climate Action Marketplace to empower small and medium-sized businesses to reduce their environmental impact by choosing more sustainable solutions, such as solar energy. EnergySage is one of 12 founding partners selected by Intuit to help small businesses take immediate, climate-positive actions across a number of categories. EnergySage will serve as a go-to resource for researching and comparing all things solar.

“Solar isn’t just for large Fortune 500 companies — it’s for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes and industries,” said Vikram Aggarwal, CEO and founder of EnergySage. “By partnering with Intuit, we can educate businesses and entrepreneurs across the country about the tremendous financial and environmental benefits of solar, while providing tools and resources to take action. As a company whose mission is to empower people to make smarter energy decisions through simplicity, transparency and choice, we are thrilled to join Intuit in its commitment to curb climate change.”

Using the Intuit Climate Action Marketplace to explore solar options is quite simple. Users can visit and select EnergySage from the list of products and services. From here, EnergySage will guide users to obtain and compare custom quotes from its network of pre-screened solar companies for installing rooftop solar panels, or help them find and subscribe to a local community solar farm. EnergySage also appoints dedicated, impartial energy advisors to help them make an informed decision.

The Intuit Climate Action Marketplace is now available to all small businesses and entrepreneurs in the US and UK, with plans to expand to other global markets in 2022. Those in the US who install solar panels on their property through EnergySage will get $100 to $10,000 cash back. The amount of cashback a customer receives is based on the size of the system they have purchased. For example, they receive $100 or $10,000 for installing a 5 kW or a 1,000 kW solar PV system, respectively. All community solar subscribers get $100 when they sign up through EnergySage.

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