FlexGen releases project feasibility reporting app for energy storage developers

Energy storage integrator FlexGen announced a new service product for developers, independent energy producers (IPPs) and asset owners: FlexGen DigitalTwin.

FlexGen DigitalTwin produces Project Feasibility Reports (PFR) for energy storage development, enabling users to determine the potential revenue opportunity and life cycle costs of a project and study the grid impact for interconnection.

“‘Will storage work for our project?’ is the most common question we get from owners of current generations, regardless of their existing source, ”said Yann Brandt, CFO of FlexGen.“ By delivering an investment quality report, we provide the ROI analysis and technical support that a project of get the ground. “

Over the past 10 years, FlexGen has built a range of software applications that have been tested to NERC standards and qualified by every major ISO and RTO. With the FlexGen DigitalTwin, the energy storage system can manage a built project to the original pro forma or determine if a deviation is an improvement of the investment through the HybridOS AI platform.

“We meet our customers earlier in their process and provide the technical services to green projects, which is another example of FlexGen as the ideal partner for long-term energy storage owners,” said Kelcy Pegler, Jr., FlexGen’s DIRECTOR . “The most exciting thing about the coming year is how much new energy storage owners we’ll help create.”

News item from FlexGen

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