HellermannTyton now offering value pack of required NEC solar safety labels

HellermannTyton now offers a suite of safety labels needed for solar projects. The company has grouped together all solar labels required for PV installations to comply with the 2020 updates to Article 690 of the National Electrical Code. The labels are distributed as a kit called NEC 2020 Solar Label Value Pack, which is available through a nationwide distribution network.

As PV systems grow and evolve, required labeling must change to ensure safe and informed installations. Every three years, the code-making panel reconvenes to review existing labels and their messages to determine what changes are needed. These include addressing new practices, improvements to improve comprehension and readability, as well as reducing redundancy and other inefficiencies.

The Solar Label Value Pack has been developed to make it easy for solar system contractors to apply all required labeling without the guesswork. All HellermannTyton solar labels are fully compliant with the National Electrical Code.

“The code committee has made significant updates for 2020,” said Todd Fries, HellermannTyton’s product category manager – identification, who has served on the NEC’s Code Making Panel 4 for a long time. “While each Article 690 update represents improvements in security and ease of use, installers are advised to check local codes to ensure they are compliant.”

Good labeling ensures more than a safe installation. Passing the inspection the first time saves time and keeps costs under control.

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