HVAC Experts Are Now Scheduling A/C Maintenance To Prepare For Summer

HOUSTON, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Summer in Texas gets closer every week. Soon we will feel the heat of those triple digit temperatures in our homes. Book your annual air conditioning service now to ensure you can escape the sweltering heat.

Valderrama A/C & Refrigeration employs expert technicians who are happy to welcome you to your home to service your HVAC system. Professional and sleek, our team values ​​presentation as much as exceeding your expectations.

We want to make sure your HVAC system is ready for you to spend the summer comfortably. Plus, we want your air conditioning system to last as long as possible.

Without routine checks and maintenance, you would be doing yourself a disservice. For starters, you can’t count on your air conditioning to keep you cool during the hot summer months. And as any Texan knows all too well, air conditioning in the South is more than a luxury. Air conditioning is a necessity with how hot it gets inside South Texas.

Second, not taking the time to maintain and repair your HVAC system can drastically shorten its lifespan. The service life is the time your machine will perform its functions properly. With correct and consistent maintenance, you can look forward to getting the maximum number of years out of your machine. If it is not maintained and repaired, unfortunately you can look forward to a major unnecessary expense of completely replacing your HVAC system.

Aside from the annual HVAC checks to spot any problems early, there are some things you can even do yourself.

  • Clean and replace your air filters consistently as it is critical to keep your system running. Please note that not all filters can be cleaned. If you want to implement reusable filters, make sure you buy filters that are explicitly designed to be cleaned. Otherwise, stock up on the disposable filters to replace every month or so regularly as stated in the directions.
  • Make sure your air conditioning coils are not covered in dust and dirt. If this happens, your HVAC system will drastically decrease in efficiency. Even more annoying is the shorter lifespan that results from lower functionality of the HVAC system.

Keep Valderrama A/C & Refrigeration on speed dial. Schedule your pre-summer checkup now and remember we are available 24/7 for emergencies.

SOURCE Valderrama Airco & Cooling

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