HVAC not blowing evenly on driver’s side – centre position

For a while (maybe since I got the car – can’t remember), I’ve noticed that the air in the center position on the driver’s side isn’t blowing very strongly. On a hot day, I can still sweat while my passenger freezes with the air at full blast. I feel with my hand that the air is blown out to the side but is reduced directly in front of the driver. I took the car to Tesla SC and they checked it, but stated everything was fine. I’m sure it’s not right because from time to time I suddenly get blasted with cold air in my face. Usually when I get into the car in the morning after leaving at night there is all kinds of hisses, rattles and clicks that sound like the vents are loosening up and exercising themselves. I was thinking about getting some strips of paper to visualize the air flow and make a video of that, maybe to convince them that something is wrong, or maybe this is how everyone’s AC works?

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