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David Barnes, Marketing Manager of KNIPEX, provides insight into new innovative cutting tools for heating, ventilation and plumbing engineers.

Cutting tools are an important part of any heating, ventilation and plumbing installer’s toolbox and now KNIPEX has launched two new tools that make cutting materials faster, easier and safer.

The KNIPEX BiX (90 22 10) is a new pipe cutter that cuts plastic pipes and sealing sleeves without chips and is so compact that it fits in one hand. The blade can be used in two positions: in the middle for regular cutting of different pipe diameters, or with the external blade, which allows cutting sealing sleeves close to the wall.

The tool fits comfortably in one hand and can be used to cut high-temperature plastic drains and drain electrical lines in no time and with little effort. The KNIPEX BiX is suitable for unreinforced plastic pipes with a diameter of 20-50 mm and a wall thickness of up to 2.4 mm.

The blade unit, which is integrated in the tool, can be rotated 180°. For example, the blade can be attached in the center of the tool to cut plastic pipes of different diameters to length or to reliably cut two to three millimeters from the wall with the blade on the outside. This setting ensures correct work according to DIN 18534, so that moisture is reliably removed. With this new type of tool, KNIPEX offers a solution for meeting the DIN standard that protects walls against long-term damage and leakage. The KNIPEX BiX can be reliably locked with a small blue bolt for safe transport. The pipe cutter comes with two spare blades, which, like the already installed blade, are made of special surgical stainless steel. The tool itself is molded from sturdy fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Watch a video of the BiX here:

Another new tool, the KNIPEX CutiX Universal blade (90 10 165) is a particularly durable and versatile snap-off blade. The unique blade stabilization allows you to work safely and powerfully, even when the blade is extended. The magnesium housing makes the tool light and particularly robust. The snap-off blade is suitable for a wide range of 18 mm blades from most quality manufacturers.

This is no ordinary carpet or box cutter. It has an extremely flexible, variably extendable stabilizer bar that makes the tool extremely versatile in use, allowing you to work faster and cut more accurately. The stabilizer bar ensures that an extended snap-off blade remains rigid for safer pressing directly on the back of the blade. When it comes to the material of the housing, KNIPEX has chosen magnesium for its robustness and light weight. As a result, the universal blade weighs just 111g, making it as light as a plastic knife and ensuring it remains a reliable companion even after years of heavy use.

The KNIPEX CutiX Universal Knife also differs from simple carpet or box cutters in many other details: the individual slides for the blade and the stabilizer bar are flat and do not protrude from the housing. This ensures that the slim snap-off blade fits comfortably and ergonomically in the hand and ensures that the slides cannot be switched on accidentally. Due to its numerous non-slip grip zones, it can be held very flexibly: e.g. firmly in the palm of your hand or between your fingers like a pen for delicate tasks.

The blade holder always holds the snap-off blades firmly thanks to the hardened steel pin. The rear end of the handle is securely closed and reliably prevents the blade slide or even the blade from slipping. As a bonus, the tool can be secured with an attachment point for tool fastening systems such as KNIPEX Tethered Tools to prevent personal injury or property damage.

A high-quality snap-off blade, fitted and ready to use, and two spare blades in the handle compartment are included that can be changed without tools. The universal snap-off blade can hold a wide range of commercially available 18 mm blades: smooth, wavy or with hooks, for example from well-known quality manufacturers such as Tajima, NT or Olfa.

Watch a video of the CutiX here:

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