Interns: An interim labor solution for retailers

There are other companies that have decided to pay their interns so that the interns can quit their part-time jobs.

Why are you doing this? This ensures that you are involved in your community while doing something important for a student and your company. It’s a great way to write a good press for your business and provide feed for your social media channels. More importantly, it’s a way to learn about our younger workforce.

One of my clients, Michael Mondelli, owner of Roca Flooring in Valley Cottage, NY, is about to hire an intern.

Entering the world of academics for employment is different, but he said he is excited about the opportunity. It’s a chance for him to not only give back to his community, but it will also give him extra work to take on tasks like scheduling.

Interns can also be used to help other members of the team. Contact your employees and find out where they need help. Existing employees can also provide training insight. For example, ask your full-time permanent employees what would have made their first days more meaningful? This is a good way to get everyone involved and rethink your business processes.

Once you’ve made the decision, contact a local university and sell the idea to them. I’ve noticed that there are very few interns, so you have to come up with something special to interest a student. Perhaps students can be used as mystery shoppers? Maybe you could use someone to praise your products? Need a video of your installers or a video testimonial from a satisfied customer? Most owners don’t have time for it. Think about all the things you’ve put off and assign them to an intern.

Lisbeth Calandrino has been promoting retail strategies for 20 years. Contact her at [email protected] to have her speak at your company or to schedule a consultation.

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