J-POWER USA converting retired Virginia coal plant into solar + storage project

Developer of power plants J-POWER USA and funds managed by Fortress Investment Group affiliates have agreed to jointly develop Birchwood Solar, a 50 MWac solar power plant, and Birchwood Storage, a 190 MWac energy storage facility. These projects would transform Birchwood Power Facility, a coal-fired power plant that has been in operation in King George Virginia since November 1996, into facilities that will generate and store clean, renewable energy.


Birchwood is J-POWER USA’s third solar energy project in development and is part of a new initiative to add renewable generation to the company’s existing portfolio. By redesigning a coal-fired power plant as carbon-free solar and energy storage facilities, J-POWER will continue to provide electricity generation to the market.

This project will connect to the existing transmission infrastructure, which will be used for the next generation of solar energy + storage, and allow J-POWER to continue its long-term partnership with the local community. With the decommissioning of Birchwood Power, J-POWER’s only coal-fired power plant, the company’s portfolio will consist solely of natural gas and renewable energy.

J-POWER USA and its subsidiaries now have interests in the operation, construction and development of power generation facilities, totaling approximately 7,000 MW.

“This is a great opportunity to take a former coal-fired power plant and convert it into a zero-emission, clean energy facility,” said Mark Condon, president and CEO of J-POWER USA. “This project is part of J-POWER USA’s plan to expand our renewable energy portfolio and continue our efforts to build a cleaner, sustainable energy future.”

News item from J-Power USA

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