Just Share Media’s Cinema-Quality Video Content Platform Set To Transform The Roofing Industry

Just Share Media is leading the way by specifically addressing the needs of the roofing industry by offering cinema-quality rooftop videos for every budget. Simply put, Just Share Media plans, finances, films and produces industry-specific, highly cinematic videos intended to promote your business across a variety of digital channels, all with a low-cost monthly subscription.

To support this groundbreaking endeavor, Just Share Media is investing tens of thousands of dollars to drive acceleration within such an important segment of our economy. Traditionally, roofing companies would spend more than € $10,000 for a videography company to shoot a video. Just Share Media allows them to license premium video content for as low as $399 per month while getting new content every 30 days.

“All of this is made possible by understanding that our company also needed to be a technology company. In partnership with WestLink, from Denver, Colorado, we built a custom platform that provides an intuitive user experience that allows customization and licensing of premium video content. Where the platform gets smart is the set of algorithms that will be used to ensure similar geographic companies don’t display similar content.” – Ryan Landis, Partner & CEO.

Just Share Media publishes dozens of premium cinema quality weekly with a fast-growing library to meet the demands of this industry. Already sold out during their pilot and pre-launch programs, Just Share Media has seen tremendous interest from roofing companies looking to license their video content.

“As with companies that have come before us in many segments of our economy, we expect to completely disrupt the roofing industry, create new businesses and create new jobs across the country.” – Allen Mick, Partner & Head of Sales.

Check out and follow Just Share Media to see how they will be shaking up the roofing industry for years to come.

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