Local roofing company gifts roof repair to owners of animal-assisted therapy for kids

PHOENIX — At the foot of South Mountain, child farmers are hard at work caring for animals and improving their lives. When the roof started to collapse, a local company paid the bill.

Since 2000, John and Sheila Robinson have provided equine and animal therapy to children with special needs and children in foster care.

“There were kids coming out of the system who were in other foster homes where they couldn’t work with the kids,” said Robinson Ranch owner John Robinson. “Give them a much bigger outlook on life to be able to take care of something bigger than them or themselves.”

The ranch puts kids to work, learning life lessons while caring for the animals.

The Robinsons pour all their heart, soul and money into children’s services.

When the roof of their house had to be repaired, the Robinsons had no money for a brand new roof. They decided to get quotes for a new roof and planned to ask for donations to raise enough money for the repairs.

An estimator from AZ Roofing Systems came by to make a quote and quickly recognized the useful work done on the ranch.

“He helps kids, you know it just hits me. I have to do something, he’s a good guy,” said Todd Wilson of AZ Roofing Systems. “He has money to put into more important things. He doesn’t have to worry about roofing. He can spend it helping children.”

The roof was made available completely free of charge and replaced by the Robinsons.

“So this is money that we don’t have to take from our kids to fix something. Because that’s why a lot of things don’t get fixed because we’re there for the kids,” said John Robinson.

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