Manteca may spend $735,000 to upgrade city’s senior center

Up to $735,000 in upgrades will be made to the Manteca Senior Center in the coming months.

Manteca City Council is being asked to submit bids for the second phase of improvements to the senior center.

Improvements include the renovation of the existing kitchen, including the walk-in fridge and serving areas, along with the adjacent single-use toilet and storage room.

The work will consist of demolition, concrete, window frames, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, kitchen appliances, replacing the audiovisual system in the multi-purpose room, work on the housing and interior and exterior finishing. Additive alternative work includes audiovisual systems in the card, game and craft rooms.

The city tackled the first phase of upgrades in 2019 that will cost $450,200.

The previous project involved the modernization of the men’s and women’s toilets. It also included the replacement of doors, washroom partitions, plumbing, lighting fixtures and toilet accessories, and updating the interior trim. The work brought the senior center up to all current standards for Americans with disabilities.

The previous project — as well as some of the work that came out to bid — was funded through a federal Community Block Grant that targeted low-income neighborhoods and support programs.

The 33-year-old building at 295 Cherry Lane is heavily used by seniors and community events.

The City Council meets Tuesday at 7:00 PM at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

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