May 9, 2021 – The Mercury News

Cy de Cynic gave me a lift to the club, and at a red light we stopped next to a plumbing company van with the following information written on it:

“Providing quality service since last Monday morning.”

“Rated # 1 in town by the owner and his mother.”

And… “If you see us driving unsafely, don’t call anyone. It makes our insurance premiums rise. “

“You have to like their style,” Cy said.

In a money game at the club, Cy was south today. His bid for two clubs was “new little forcing” and asked for more information. When North showed a three-card heart support, the Cynic offered four hearts.

Cy won the first spade with the ace and cashed the AK of trumps. The queen might have fallen, but this wasn’t Cy’s day. West threw away and East was sure of two trump tricks. Cy successfully led a diamond to the king of dummy, but he lost a spade and a diamond and went down.

“You played it like a plumber,” I scolded.

“Bad luck,” Cy replied.

Cy indulged in unsafe driving and was punished. He must lead a trump to his hand in trick two and return a diamond to the king. If East had the ace, Cy would have to pick up the trump and take the other high trump.

But if the King of Diamonds wins, Cy can afford a trump loser and take on a safety game. He leads a trump to the jack of the dummy. East wins, but Cy takes the yield of spades in dummy and leads a third trump to his nine. If West had Q-10-xx in trumps, the contract would still be secure.

North dealer

NS vulnerable



HJ 5 3

DK 4 3 2

CK 5 2


SQJ 10 8

H 6

DA 10 8 7

C 9 7 6 3


S 9 7 5

HQ 10 8 7


C 10 8 4


S 6 4 2

HAK 9 4 2

D 6 5


North East South West
1 D Pass 1 H Pass
1 NT Pass 2 C Pass
2 Hour Pass 4 U All Pass

Opening cable – SQ

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