Mohawk Group bringing Waterways Project to EFA

The Waterways Project
Large & Local

Chattanooga, Tenn.—Mohawk Group is here to bring its latest initiative, The Waterways Project, to the upcoming Environments for Aging Expo & Conference (EFA). From August 28 to August 31, 2021, visitors to booth 918 can take a journey through new products, technologies and innovations that give back to the living waters that support us all, the company said.

“The EFA provides a valuable conference experience and we are excited to exhibit in 2021,” said Jackie Dettmar, vice president of commercial marketing and product development. “This year promises to be even more exciting as we eagerly awaited the opportunity to invite industry professionals to experience The Waterways Project in person.”

As part of The Waterways Project, Mohawk Group will showcase its latest collection, Urban Shores, at EFA. Urban Shores honors the influence of rivers on world history by drawing attention to ancient cities built near waterways to facilitate transportation, energy, and trade. Using Mohawk’s Pattern Perfect tuft technology, Urban Shores brings biophilic patterns to life through accurate color placement with exceptional definition and clarity.

Large and local: Reforestation, another product offered within The Waterways Project, is an innovative luxury vinyl tile with clean wood visuals and minimal gradation, as well as rustic visuals with coarse grain and circular sawn textures. Each color in the Reforestation collection is named after a mountain gorge or destination near Mohawk’s zero-waste certified manufacturing facility in North Georgia, paying tribute to local vegetation and encouraging reforestation efforts. The collection is also produced with 100% post-industrial recycled materials.

“At Mohawk Group, we are committed to giving back as we move forward,” said Dettmar. “The Waterways Project helps us achieve this and promotes the health and well-being of future generations.”

Mohawk will also showcase some of its latest innovations, including Personal Studio (ps), an interactive visualization and personalization platform to create personalized flooring solutions. “Our ps tool is ready to streamline the flooring industry,” explains Dettmar. “EFA offers us a great opportunity to showcase this exciting tool and reconnect with industry professionals, adding new value and resources for each other. This promises to be an inspiring year.”

Mohawk will provide an additional promotional experience with a free floor mock-up to qualified registrants and conference attendees.

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