Mohawk Group launches Data Tide modular carpet

Calhoun, Georgia – Mohawk Group has launched Data Tide, an innovative collection of modular carpet planks that aims to explore the symbiotic relationship between nature and data through the visualization of water, the company said.

Data Tide celebrates the unique ecosystem of estuaries where fresh and salt water meet to capture blue carbon and support biodiversity, the company said. Mohawk said the design team used data sets from environmental studies of greenhouse gases to create biophilic patterns through a custom data visualization tool. With the graphical interpretation of the data, the collection celebrates the positive ecological impact of blue carbon capture.

“At Mohawk Group, we are committed to preserving our water ecosystems,” said Jackie Dettmar, vice president of commercial marketing and product development. “We strive to help customers create spaces that are environmentally friendly, and we are expanding these efforts to encourage respect for rivers, waterways and the diversity of life they enable.”

Data Tide’s 12 x 36 modular carpet planks are available in eight colorways and have gradations that go from light to dark to mimic transitional waters. The color hues of the collection also reference estuaries, permeating the beauty of nature into any space, the company said.

“Data Tide’s three coordinating patterns – Aqua Rhythm, Biome and River Code – feature a combination of solid, blended and twisted yarns for dimensional texture that reflects the movement of the water,” explains Royce Epstein, A&D design director, Mohawk Group from. “The patterns are designed to work together and independently in a product suite, maximizing creative vision and inspiring a relationship with nature.”

Data Tide can be combined with the company’s full portfolio of soft and resilient floors and finishing accessories.

Data Tide is part of Mohawk Group’s larger sustainability effort, The Waterways Project. The project highlights new products, technologies and initiatives to give back to the living rivers that support and restore life. The Waterways Project features collections designed to foster a symbiotic relationship with rivers and workspaces, encouraging respect for and protection of water ecosystems. The project’s designers and engineers seek to develop products that are healthy, toxic-free, socially responsible, respect workers’ rights and positively impact the environment, the company said.

The Mohawk Group, which launched in the summer of 2021, said it will also kick off The Waterways Project roadshow. The carbon neutral tour is designed to safely provide a collaborative, immersive event that brings the latest industry-leading product innovation directly to customers in the U.S.

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