Multi-Group European HVAC R Conference Set for June 10-11

The Centro Studi Galileo event will be available online and will be held at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Centro Studi Galileo, an Italian HVAC&R training center, keeps its 19th European Conference virtually and in person at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, over the next two days, June 10-11.

The conference, divided into five thematic sessions, is organized by Centro Studi Galileo in collaboration with the United Nations – UNEP, IIR (International Institute for Refrigeration), AREA (Air conditioning and Refrigeration European Association), ATF (Italian Association of RAC Technicians) and REI (Renewable Energy Institute).

The 19th European Conference will be a “historic step” towards closer relations between Europe and Africa. AREA President Marco Buoni (also Director General of Centro Studi Galileo and Secretary General of the ATF Association) and U-3ARC President Madi Sakandé will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MoU will “guarantee the exchange of skills and resources, focused on training and capacity building of human capital, aimed at strengthening the African economy, strongly encouraged by the United Nations,” Centro Studi Galileo said in a statement.

The program is as follows:

First session | technologies; equipment and components. New components and equipment with alternative refrigerants, taking into account their energy efficiency and environmental issues, results and updates.

Second Session | F-gases and refrigerants. New refrigerants and future perspectives, with reference to the f-gas regulation and energy saving.

Third Session | Green cooling and energy efficiency, including the European Green Deal and ecodesign. Energy efficiency in installations. Heat pumps, refrigeration with absorption and adsorption installations. Renewable energy and chemistry in air conditioning and refrigeration. Evaporative cooling, district cooling and magnetic cooling. Mobile air conditioning.

Fourth Session | Regulations and certifications worldwide. Policy: global phase-out of f-gases and review of EU regulations, training and certification.

Fifth Session | The cold chain. The cold chain, distribution and preservation of food and vaccines, cold storage and transport, controls and data loggers.

More information about the conference is available here.

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