N Solar completes 2.4-MW municipal solar array for Nebraska town

On August 17, the city of Cozad, Nebraska and N Solar cut the ribbon on a 2.4 MWDC solar energy system that supplies power directly to the city’s electric utility. tThe city company will purchase energy from the array at a fixed price for a period of 30 years, providing energy savings and protection against price fluctuations present in a typical retail electricity contract.

The project was developed by N Solar, a coalition of three companies comprising Mesner Development, GenPro Energy Solutions and Sol Systems, which provides energy solutions to municipal utilities and energy districts throughout Nebraska.

Sol Systems, a Washington DC-based solar energy developer, funded the system through its joint venture with investment firm Capital Dynamics, which will own and operate the system in the long term.

“Cozad will benefit immensely from 30 years of cheap, clean energy at a price protected from inflation,” said Anna Noucas, director of originations at Sol Systems. “The city has been a fantastic partner and part of the growing number of forward-thinking municipalities and leaders who value solar energy as an important part of their current and future energy strategy.”

GenPro Energy Solutions, a renewable energy construction company based in South Dakota, took care of construction of the array, which began in November 2020 and went into commercial use last month. GenPro will also provide maintenance for the system throughout its life.

“After several years of project development and finding the right solution for the city of Cozad, we are excited to add Cozad to the growing number of municipal utilities that understand both the environmental and economic development benefits of distributed solar generation,” said Molly brown. , executive VP of energy development at GenPro Energy Solutions. “Having a solar farm in the community it serves can be a source of pride for the Cozad community for years to come.”

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