New HVAC unit plan leads to more library space

The need to replace an obsolete heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system has enabled River Forest Public Library officials to provide additional space for programs and services.

Library officials presented their plan to build a 16-by-7-foot masonry enclosure on the north side of the building at 735 Lathrop Ave. to village officials at the virtual village council meeting on May 10, the first step in the planned development process. Deborah Hill, Chair of the Library Council, and Emily Compton-Dzak, Library Director, explained the plan to install the new HVAC unit in the proposed housing and then convert the 400-square-foot mechanical space in the building that will be occupied by the current HVAC unit. to the nursery in a space that can be used for programs, community gatherings and as a gathering space for children and their families.

Library officials have already received permission from officials from the River Forest Park District, which owns the property, to proceed with the project.

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