NV5 Global acquires Sage Renewable Energy Consulting

NV5 Global, a provider of compliance, technology, engineering and environmental consulting solutions, has announced it has acquired Sage Renewable Energy Consulting, a provider of comprehensive renewable energy planning and project management services. Sage operates nationwide, expanding NV5’s growing portfolio of environmental, social and governance (ESG) services. The acquisition was made with a combination of cash and stock and will contribute immediately to NV5’s earnings.

Founded in 2009, Sage has successfully managed more than $2 billion in clean energy projects and signed dozens of successful power purchase deals for customers in the public and private sectors.

“Clean energy continues to grow as a percentage of NV5’s revenue,” said Dickerson Wright, PE, NV5 chairman and CEO. “Sage’s expertise in renewable energy, battery storage, microgrid and electric vehicle planning enhances our ESG capabilities and opens up opportunities for cross-selling with our existing ESG services.”

“Clean energy is an industry with high market growth potential, as evidenced by Sage’s continued organic growth, and we are excited to add Sage’s team and capabilities to our Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization group,” said Ben Heraud, COO of Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization at NV5.

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