Oregon officially commits to 100% clean electricity by 2040

Oregon Governor Kate Brown celebrated the signing of a law requiring electricity suppliers to provide 100% clean power to customers in Oregon by 2040 in a ceremony. The move builds on a national trend as it makes Oregon the eighth state to make a legal commitment for 100% clean or renewable electricity. The Beaver State joins the ranks of Hawaii, California, Washington, New Mexico, New York, Maine, and Virginia. By setting 2040 as the deadline to meet its commitment, Oregon connects New York with the fastest statewide timeline in the nation.

“From Washington to Virginia, people are raising their voices for power that doesn’t pollute,” said Emma Searson, 100% Renewable campaign manager at Environment America. “And state after state, leaders are heeding that call. We are excited to welcome Oregon not only to the ranks of states that have their sights set on the cleaner, healthier, sustainable future we need, but also to the forefront.”

The policy sets targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity sold in Oregon compared to a 2010 baseline. Legislation includes requirements for 80% emissions reduction for power sold in the state by 2030, 90% by 2035 and finally 100% by 2040. As Oregon power emissions have been declining since 2010, the bill will, in effect, require zero-emission electricity in the state by 2040.

Given the state’s existing renewable energy standard and hydropower generation capacity, renewables will meet the vast majority of the new zero-emission electricity target.

News from Environment America

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