Parts shortage hits HVAC industry

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — It’s peak time for HVAC companies, but there’s a challenge. The HVAC industry is struggling with parts shortages.

That means if your device breaks, chances are you’ll have to wait a few days for repair. The HVAC experts at Strongly built sanitary and air said they saw the parts shortage begin last summer and started taking action.

“We were hoping that with everything reopening, we wouldn’t run into another problem like this, but we see it still going down a little bit. Hopefully it will start going back up,” said Brandon Schamahorn,

He said his technicians are in stock because the company started ordering in bulk when they noticed the shortage.

“We try to avoid waiting times. Last year we waited a few days for people to install or a few days to install parts at the customer’s home,” he said.

Meanwhile, Schamahorn tells Tucsonans not to panic about the shortage.

“We can always do what we can to keep their systems up and running in the meantime, until we can get things. Sometimes you have special engines that you may have to order that can take a few days whether they come from Texas [or] California, we just want to make sure we can serve those customers,” he said.

Schamahorn added replacement air filters monthly, and keeping the area around your coils clean can help prevent major repairs.

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