Pearce Renewables launches online spare parts store


Pearce Renewables announced the launch of its online parts store to help customers purchase spare parts and components for wind, solar, EV and energy storage for their renewable energy sources to optimize performance and continue to provide a cleaner future for our country. The store includes components for wind turbines, central and string inverters, EV chargers and energy storage devices.

“Spare parts and components are critical to maintaining the uptime and safe operation of our nation’s renewable energy infrastructure,” said Mark McLanahan, CEO of Pearce Renewables. “As our customers continue to grow into new markets such as energy storage, we are developing our services and solutions to ensure these assets perform at their best.”

Pearce Renewables now offers:

  • Expedited shipping available nationwide
  • Multiple payment options (credit cards, POs, billable accounts)
  • Dedicated support team with custom solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Recommended spare parts for wind, solar, EV charging or energy storage devices
  • Maintain and maintain customer-specific inventory

“Our customers are often working in the field. They need quick pricing and availability. The process is now streamlined, allowing them to see costs in real time and whether an item is in stock without wasting valuable time,” said Nick Reid, parts sales associate at Pearce Renewables. “We know how important it is for our customers to find the right solution, so we are constantly adding new parts and services as they add new assets and technology to their portfolios.”

The online store makes Pearce Renewables a one-stop shop for all renewable energy services from O&M to engineering, parts procurement and logistics.

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