Perry Roofing fined $31,673 for employee pay violations

Perry Roofing of Gainesville has been forced to pay $ 31,673 in back wages for 30 employees after an investigation found the company violated federal law, the U.S. Department of Labor reported Thursday.

The company, owned by Senator Keith Perry, has violated overtime and administration requirements regarding employees recruited from the Santa Fe Bridge Community Work Release Center in Gainesville.

“Perry Roofing failed to include production-related bonuses and profit-sharing bonuses when determining employee overtime,” the publication said. By doing that, the employer paid employees less for their overtime than the law requires. Perry also failed to record start and stop times for employees who are paid by piece wages. “

Perry, R-Gainesville, said Thursday that the former manager of the job-freeing employee program is no longer with the company. Perry added that he was unaware of a system of compensatory time, rather than overtime, that had been set up by the manager.

‘They were banking. We have free time in the state – you can work overtime and take that time later. This was similar to that, ”Perry said. “We didn’t really keep track of which days were paid for overtime and which were not.”

The release states that Perry Roofing paid the minimum wage for the first 40 hours and then withheld the difference between the hourly rate and the minimum wage, plus overtime pay.

Employees could draw on the overtime bank in the form of gift certificates or other advances. The law requires employers to pay employees for all hours worked on their regular payday, the release states.

Perry said the employees in the program were given a tool allowance of $ 4,000 to $ 5,000. They kept the tools when their sentence was served.

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