Philadelphia Energy Authority opens next phase of Solarize campaign, includes new financing options

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To kick off the 3rd Annual Philadelphia Solar Week, the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) opens Solarize Philly for enrollment. Solarize Philly is a citywide program to support Philadelphia homes and businesses to go solar.

Philadelphia must do everything we can to fight climate change, which affects our most vulnerable residents the most,” said the mayor Jim Kenney. “Solarize Philly helps put solar on the roof and create jobs for our youth, year after year.”

PEA is partnering with local and national solar developers for this round of Solarize Philly – the program’s fifth year. Phase 5 offers new financing options to make solar energy more accessible to everyone, including homeowners of all incomes and commercial property owners of all sizes. Solarize Philly is now open until the end Nov 2021.

“The Philadelphia Energy Authority has shown that solar energy is a path to job creation,” said the city council president Darrell L. Clarke (5th district). “This New Round of Solarize Philly Will Help Provide Even More Families with Solar Power” Philadelphia and help us get more people into work.”

Since the launch of Solarize Philly in 2017, 750+ homes have gone solar and $12 million+ has been invested in communities across the city. Solarize Philly is the largest initiative of its kind in the country.

Solarize Philly recently completed a pilot for low- and middle-income households, providing grants and low-cost loans to 50 households to transition to solar energy.

“If you’re not part of the wave, you’re behind it. The city must continue to invest in key technologies such as solar energy to make clean energy accessible to everyone. If it’s not accessible at the lowest income level, it’s not innovative or groundbreaking,” said I. Tyrone Jackson, a participant in Solarize Philly.

To celebrate Solar Week 2021, PEA has a full schedule of events planned from August 16-20. For more information, visit Any homeowner or business in Philadelphia can sign up for Solarize Philly at

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