Pineridge residents continue to fight for roofs over heads

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – In a call for change, Pineridge residents expressed concern at a community meeting after some were told they could not renew their lease and had only 30 days to move.

The concerns came after Key City Capital purchased more than 80 units in the complex and plans renovations soon.

Pamela Morrison has lived in Pineridge for over a decade and said renovations are needed, especially after saying previous management has neglected her home.

“My kitchen cabinets are about to come off the wall,” Morrison said. “My apartment, they used to call it the checkerboard because there are so many leaks. My roof is still not repaired.”

Suncoast Property Management oversees the complex and filed 30-day notices and residents believed the rent could go from about $500 to nearly $1,000.

Residents in Pineridge tell TV20 they live in a tight-knit community. They said that if the situation is not resolved, they would not only lose their home, but also their family.

“I’ve seen kids grow up here, so it’s just wrong for them to do what they’re doing to us,” Morrison said.

Key City Capital spokesperson, Carey Erff, came from Dallas to tell residents their rents might not go up that high depending on how much renovation is needed.

Erff declined to interview, but said she will work with residents to meet their needs during renovations.

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“I really appreciate that this lady makes almost all of us feel a lot better and where we can sleep better tonight and not feel like we’re being thrown out the door.”

Lee Feldman also listened to the residents and explained the options for rent assistance.

The Alachua County Labor Coalition (ACLC) listed requirements for Key City Capital, such as a change of management to a Gainesville-based corporation, residents to remain in their unit, and no applications required for current residents.

“They’ve lived here for 10, 20, 25 years,” said ACLC Co-Chairman Sheila Payne. “They were good tenants back then, so let them stay without all that stuff.”

Payne encourages anyone who wants to help connect with both Alachua County and Gainesville City Commissioners.

Morrison said if the rent isn’t too high, she will stay if Suncoast Property Management is out of the picture.

“We don’t trust them, so if it was different management… sure,” Morrison said.

Erff declined to speak to TV20 on camera, but said she hopes to get more answers about Suncoast’s management status at Pineridge.

Community groups and members are raising money to help residents and possibly provide storage pods during renovations.

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