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Question: Dear Ed: I want to replace my single lever kitchen faucet. Call me old-fashioned, but I like faucets with two handles. Tips for a contemporary-looking kitchen faucet that can stay in style for a while?

A: A two-handle kitchen faucet that seems to stay in style is a bridge faucet.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because bridge cranes have been around for a long time. The roots of this faucet go back to the time when many plumbing pipes were exposed.

Amazingly, the bridge crane concept hasn’t changed much. It consists of two separate (hot and cold) water valves with a common water outlet in the middle that is connected by a horizontal tube between the two valves. All pipes are visible above the sink and the faucet resembles a small bridge.

Modern materials and cosmetic styling have kept these faucets looking up-to-date. Today’s gantry cranes can feature beautiful finishes, advanced valve technology, attractive handle options and remote spray nozzles.

In short: if you are looking for a kitchen tap with two handles and a timeless design, then a bridge tap is the right choice.

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