Power Equipment Direct Launches Durastar

“With channelless mini-split systems gaining in popularity, we are delighted to offer Durastar to our customers nationwide at great value,” said Carlton Harwood, VP HVAC Business Group at Ferguson. “Durastar technology is designed to perform consistently in both hot and cold climates, offering great value at a competitive price.”

Durastar’s products are built with quality in mind, factory tested to ensure optimum performance and long life, helping contractors reduce callbacks and keep their customers happy.

Product features

  • Durastar systems can heat even at temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to their built-in bottom pan heaters, making them an effective solution in many northern climates previously ineligible for mini-split technology.
  • Efficiency values ​​on Durastar mini split systems range from 20 – 22 SEER.
  • All Durastar indoor mini-split units are compatible with single zone and multi-zone configurations, giving homeowners exceptional flexibility.
  • Durastar offers mini split models for wall mounting, ceiling cassette, floor mounting, floor ceiling flex and mini split models with slim channels depending on customer preferences and the layout of the house.
  • Single zone systems are available in 9,000 – 24,000 BTUs per hour (BTUH) ranges; Multi-zone systems are available in ranges from 18,000 – 48,000 BTUH.
  • Multi-zone systems can support up to five indoor units, depending on the model.
  • Durastar systems are composed of tough, high-quality materials that withstand severe weather and protect internal equipment.


Durastar products offer a 10-year no-hoops warranty on parts for equipment installed by a licensed HVAC contractor in a residential single-family home. No product registration is required.

“We are delighted that Durastar provides us with the opportunity to meet the growing demand for channel-less mini-split systems,” says Phillippe Covington, Director, Merchandising (HVAC) at Power Equipment Direct. “Durastar’s quality, value and reliability will help us better serve and delight our customers as we move towards a more electric age.”

Durastar Mini Split systems are now available on Power Equipment Direct.

Durastar – Designed for Comfort ™

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