Power Factors now supports utility-scale storage in Drive platform

A containerized energy storage solution from ESS.

Power factors recently released support for the emerging class of utility-scale energy storage systems in the Drive platform, allowing owners and operators to manage all of their clean energy assets, including storage of all sizes, from one unified platform.

The Power Factors Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) introduces new functionality that allows asset owners and operators to manage health status with warranties, view charge status analyzes, and track battery cycles. Native integration with the Power Factors Enterprise Asset Management system provides an end-to-end solution for managing all energy storage operations, maintenance and asset management tasks. Future releases for BESS in the Drive platform include advanced analytics, digital dual virtual models, and shipping schedule optimization tools.

Arevon partnered with Power Factors to integrate its Saticoy energy storage site into the Drive asset performance management platform. The 100 MW site – one of the largest energy storage systems in North America – is a utility-scale, transmission-quality storage project in Edison’s Southern California service area and is the first of three similar-sized assets that Arevon will manage with Drive. this year.

“Power Factors is our preferred partner because they understand our business and work with us to develop the solutions we need to compete successfully in this emerging market. Saticoy is the first of three large-scale storage sites to come online with Arevon this year, making it more important than ever to be able to manage all of our assets from one unified platform. We are excited to bring their best-in-class data management and analysis to this new asset class, ”said Anand Narayanan, VP of asset management at Arevon.

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