PowerFlex installs 3.3-MW rooftop solar project for cold storage facility

Lineage Logistics, a provider of temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions, announced the installation of groundbreaking clean energy enhancements at its Colton, California facility to establish the first facility in the Lineage network to use 100% of its energy on-site. generates .

Lineage has installed a 3.3 MW solar panel and 460 kW linear generators at its Colton Agua Mansa facility in California’s Inland Empire, which together will produce 100% of the facility’s energy consumption on a net basis.

“Lineage is always striving to be responsible leaders in the communities where we live and work, and our commitment to advancing the future of renewable energy in our locations is no exception,” said Chris Thurston, Lineage’s head of renewable energy projects. “Lineage is already a model for the industry with our innovative development and deployment of leading technologies. Creating our own energy responsibly is an important sustainability milestone and I am excited to see how this achievement further inspires our commitment to carbon neutrality by 2040.”

Lineage partnered with PowerFlex, a national provider of renewable energy infrastructure, to install the rooftop solar panel in Colton — the second-largest solar panel in the company’s global network of temperature-controlled warehouses. The Colton array is one of several on-site solar installations PowerFlex supports at Lineage’s distribution centers in the United States.

“As Lineage’s long-term renewable energy partner, we are incredibly proud to share and help execute their bold vision for impactful solar solutions across their extensive network,” said PowerFlex President Danny Ptak. “The Colton on-site solar project demonstrates Lineage’s continued commitment to deploying innovative solutions to ensure its operations are as sustainable as possible.”

The on-site linear generators, a new technology launched by Mainspring Energy in March, generate electricity using a low-temperature reaction of fuel and air. Unlike a motor or fuel cell, a linear generator converts motion directly into electricity using chemical or thermal energy. The units increase and decrease utilization to allow maximum use of the building’s solar panels, ensuring reliability and optimal use of renewable energy at all times. This increases site resilience by reducing grid dependency and lowering operating costs. Lineage’s Colton site is the world’s first facility with two linear generators and the first of its kind to integrate a linear generator with solar panels. The two generators were installed in October.

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