Red roofs and shoppers at Batavia Boardwalk Shops

The Batavia Promenade Shops opened last year with eight 12 by 12 buildings. The Main Street Batavia incubator program started as an opportunity for local sellers to sell their products or services.

Two buildings have been added this year. The stores are located on the southeast corner of East Wilson and South River streets. Shoppers can purchase earrings, vegan pastries, greeting cards, stickers, handmade coasters, wood products, handbags, wellness products, plants and flowers.

This year’s sellers are: Black Angel Designs, Mojo Re-creations, Bumblebee Cottage Pharmacist, New Moon Vegan, CatTalpa Manor, Beautiful pages, EV Creative, Wanderin’ Barefoot Farm, Farm flowers and Fox Valley Gallery of Wood.

The shops are open from Friday to Sunday until December 19.

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