Roofers can access more solar install services via GAF Energy

GAF Energy

GAF Energy expands the level of solar services for its roofers. GAF Energy, offering a roof-integrated solar energy solution, now gives local roofers access to specific solar expertise and personnel when installing a roof-integrated solar system from GAF Energy.

Services include: electrical installation, system design, proposal generation, project permits, project coordination and installation training for solar roof jobs. With GAF Energy services, roofing companies can enter the fast-growing residential solar energy market with the support, experience and expertise of one of the leading solar roofing companies.

“Homeowners across the country are increasingly interested in solar energy. With GAF Energy services, roofers can do what they do best – provide a great roof product and installation to their customer – while our team takes care of the solar design, permits and electrical work, ”said Martin Debono, President from GAF Energy. “With GAF Energy services roofers can easily become solar energy companies.”

GAF Energy enables roofers in the US to sell and install solar technology. The GAF Energy solar system combines innovative, attractive and affordable solar technology with fast, reliable installation.

GAF Energy solar is designed to provide a neat, unobtrusive alternative to standard rack mount solar panels – which are typically drilled through the roof shingles – and integrates directly with the roof system and requires no penetration of the roof membrane. Highly efficient solar panels in the system optimize power and provide an appropriate color profile to the roof to maximize aesthetic appeal, combined with robust flashing and a sleek black perimeter screen to reduce the risk of leaks and animal intrusion.

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