SafeTraces Launches HVAC Safety Verification Service With EHS, IAQ and Engineering Leaders

UL, Tetra Tech, RHP Risk Management, Citadel EHS and Universal Engineering Sciences will be flagship partners in providing the industry’s first safety verification service of HVAC system performance targeting airborne pathogens.

PLEASANTON, California., July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SafeTraces, Inc., a leader in DNA-based safety technology solutions, today launched its HVAC safety verification service for commercial real estate, education, healthcare and other built environments. This service is available immediately to building owners and managers through flagship partners UL, Tetra Tech, RHP Risk Management, Citadel EHS, Universal Engineering Sciences and a national network of certified professionals. This service reflects the need to repeatedly test and verify HVAC safety to effectively combat respiratory infections from SARS-CoV-2 and other airborne diseases. This service will build on SafeTraces’ groundbreaking veriDART™ solution, which is currently used by large corporate, commercial real estate and government customers across the globe. the United States.

SafeTraces's recurring HVAC safety verification service puts property owners and operators in control of air safety, effectively combating respiratory infections to keep occupants safe and healthy.

SafeTraces’s recurring HVAC safety verification service puts property owners and operators in control of air safety, effectively combating respiratory infections to keep occupants safe and healthy.

Respiratory infections are one of the most important public health risks in the world. COVID-19 is responsible for nearly 4 million deaths, nearly 200 million cases and an estimated $1 trillion in monthly economic loss worldwide. In addition to COVID-19, the annual direct and indirect costs of flu and other respiratory infections are estimated to be more than $50 billion just in the United States only. Scientific evidence indicates that ventilation, filtration and disinfection are crucial mitigation strategies. However, most public buildings do not have the ability to test and verify the performance of their HVAC and mechanical systems for airborne pathogens due to limitations in existing diagnostic assessment tools.

SafeTraces’ HVAC safety verification service, which is offered quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, leverages the company’s veriDART solution. VeriDART was developed with support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and leading technical experts. It uses patented DNA-labeled bioaerosol tracers that safely simulate the respiratory emission of airborne pathogens. The resulting data helps identify potential sources of infection, verify ventilation and filtration system performance to reduce occupational exposure to airborne pathogens, and inform critical safety, technical and financial decisions with independent, scientific substantiated performance data.

SafeTraces’s HVAC safety verification service addresses a number of pressing needs of building owners and operators: guiding large capital investments and corporate expenses, meeting increasing federal and state OSHA regulatory requirements, enhancing existing IAQ and IEQ programs, obtaining credit for leading building certification and verification programs, reducing insurance premiums and civil liability, and incorporating findings into communications with employees and tenants to strengthen public confidence in workplace safety.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically exposed a problem in plain sight: how unprepared and vulnerable many public buildings are to the transmission of airborne pathogens due to inadequate ventilation, filtration and other critical engineering controls,” it said. Erik Malmstrom, CEO of SafeTraces. “SafeTraces is pleased to partner with UL, Tetra Tech, RHP Risk Management, Citadel EHS, Universal Engineering Sciences and a national network of certified professionals to provide a powerful, practical and cost-effective service for regular testing and verification of the health and safety of real spaces in a way never before possible that will ultimately save lives and money.”

“Tetra Tech is pleased to be a strategic partner with SafeTraces,” said Tetra Tech CEO Dan Batrack. “We look forward to providing our customers with this advanced testing technology that supports our High Performance Buildings Group’s mission of healthy and sustainable projects.”

“Using veriDART’s DNA tracer technology enables RHP Risk Management’s industrial hygienists to test and validate the efficacy of building ventilation systems in controlling indoor aerosol mobility,” the organization said. Jacob Persky, director of RHP Risk Management. “With this technology, RHP provides customers with actionable data to quantify the risk reduction offered by improved engineering controls such as filter upgrades or increased amounts of outside air. The technology also helps identify hot spots and areas of concern where system improvements are needed. The technology behind veriDART ™ puts RHP’s ventilation assessment services at the forefront of the IH profession, giving our customers peace of mind when managing buildings and workplaces in a post-COVID world.”

“Citadel EHS is proud to partner with SafeTraces to provide their HVAC safety verification services, leveraging the groundbreaking veriDART™ solution, the industry-leading solution for verifying safe indoor airflow,” said Loren Witkin, CEO of Citadel EHS. “For nearly 30 years, Citadel EHS has provided scientific, cost-effective solutions to our customers to ensure the health, safety and well-being of their employees, vendors, guests and visitors. Our strategic partnership with SafeTraces provides Citadel and our customers with a unique and genuine advanced diagnostic tool to make informed decisions. As we like to say, SafeTraces makes the invisible visible.”

“COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we view indoor air quality, and our customers are looking for ways to best assess their HVAC systems for both performance efficiency and optimization in the removal of infectious agents,” said Michelle McIntyre, Corporate Director of Occupational Health & Safety at Universal Engineering Sciences. “We are excited to include veriDART™ as part of our comprehensive indoor air quality service offering to help our customers maintain a healthy and safe workplace for their employees.”

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