Sage Energy Consulting now providing solar asset management solutions for schools, cities

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Solar installations continued to set records in 2020, with 19.2 GW of installed solar capacity, an increase of 43% from 2019. Schools and municipalities are participating in greater numbers than ever, attracted by favorable policies and trying to make more use of their roofs, parking lots and open terrain while being an environmental example.

As the market grows, solar customers often don’t know how much money they are saving or whether the system is performing as expected.

Sage Energy Consulting has launched a new range of asset management services to complement their existing energy planning and project management services. These new services include quantitative savings analysis, energy tariff optimization, solar performance management, renewable energy credit (REC) management, existing solar inspections and O&M subcontractor management.

These new offerings will help solar energy stakeholders justify the cost of solar energy by:

  • Provides quantitative analysis of energy and financial savings
  • Maximum savings through performance optimization and energy tariff analysis
  • Independently oversee third-party solar energy suppliers
  • Generate additional income through previously untapped RECs

“As the solar and energy storage industry continues to grow, new players enter the market every day,” said Katie Crider, who will oversee the new line of asset management. “Sage has a well-established reputation as a reliable strategic partner in the planning and development of modern energy systems, including solar, energy storage and electric vehicles. It makes sense that we provide proactive asset management services on behalf of our current and prospective clients so that they can benefit from more informed decision-making and maximize the return on their investment. “

To date, Sage has managed more than $ 2 billion in clean energy projects nationwide, including more than 100 school districts.

News release from Sage Energy Consulting

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